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Rev. Karen McArthur
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Rev. Karen McArthur

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Bookkeeping Chapter 1, 3-part series:

Covering "triple-entry bookkeeping", tracking restricted funds, income, expense, assets, liabilities, cash vs. accrual, payroll, loans, and financial reporting.

Bookkeeping 1:1-3, all in one hour

For those already familiar with bookkeeping, all of the above topics covered in one hour!

QuickBooks for Congregations 2:1-2(Two-part series)

How to set up QuickBooks for a congregation, including tracking restricted funds, "pass-throughs", and pre-paid pledges. It assumes an understanding of "triple-entry bookkeeping," which is covered in Bookkeeping 1:1-3.

QuickBooks 3: Advanced topics

Tracking building use or school tuition, recording payroll, investment activity, grant tracking and reporting, year-end adjustments, and more!

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