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Congregational Finance

Monthly Zoom for Finance

We host a monthly opportunity for treasurers, administrators, or clergy to meet to share questions or ideas on financial topics of interest. Usually third Thursdays, at 11am Eastern time. The next Open Zoom is Thursday, March 21, 2024 at 11am EDT. You can submit your questions to us by email here: SUBMIT A QUESTION We’ve… Read More »Monthly Zoom for Finance

Coronavirus and COVID-19 Safety

First of all, your safety and public health!  As our usual ways of gathering and working have drastically changed in this pandemic, we have had to adapt quickly.  Although our churches are considererd “essential businesses,” it’s essential that we eliminate or limit shared workspaces and add cleaning protocols. Second, I’ve heard from many of you… Read More »Coronavirus and COVID-19 Safety

Financial Transparency in 1620

On August 17, 1620, the Mayflower and the Speedwell were anchored in Dartmouth, Devon, along the south coast of England.  They had twice turned back to repair major leaks, which used up valuable resources and exposed conflicts among them.  Robert Cushman (who served as the agent of the Leiden congregation) sent a letter back to London,… Read More »Financial Transparency in 1620

Treasurer Transition

This is the time of year when many congregations hold their annual meetings and elect new officers and leadership.  What are the elements of a smooth transition to a new financial leader of your congregation?  From bank signatures, usernames and logins to folders, computer files, personnel files and insurance, here is a list to guide you… Read More »Treasurer Transition

Financial Staffing Model

Organizations often ask about ways to divide financial responsibilities among volunteer leadership, paid staff, and outside services.  The longstanding model of a Treasurer (managing all expenditures) and a Financial Secretary or Collector (recording all income) was beneficial in the days before computerized bookkeeping increased the level of detail and transparency that is possible. Now, the… Read More »Financial Staffing Model

Paper or Plastic?

Many church leaders have asked about obtaining credit or debit cards for church staff use, as a matter of convenience, and in some cases, necessity for certain products or subscriptions. In recent years, banks have been reluctant to issue credit cards to non-profit organizations, since they do not have an “owner” whose credit can back… Read More »Paper or Plastic?