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Paid Family & Medical Leave Opt-In Process

We have just received information on the process for a church or religious organization to opt in to the program, as posted on the PFML website:

If you are an employer whose workforce is excluded in whole or in part under the unemployment insurance statute, M.G.L. c. 151A,  you as an employer may opt-in to PFML coverage if you submit a notarized letter from an officer confirming that the employer’s governing body has elected PFML contributions. If an employer chooses to opt-in, it must do so for all of its employees.  An employer cannot selectively choose certain individuals for purposes of opting-in. To opt-in, the employer should register for Paid Family and Medical Leave contributions with their MassTaxConnect account and attatch the notarized letter to the request.

We have prepared a template that you can use to prepare a letter. Since this is an ongoing multi-year commitment to your employees and your congregation, be sure to review your bylaws to determine which body (congregation, Governing Board, Council, Trustees, etc.) is authorized to make the decision, and who is authorized to sign the document.

This is a small Massachusetts tax (currently 0.378%) that is withheld from employee paychecks and will provide important financial protection in the case of illness of the employee or a family member. It will also save the church money that can then be used to pay for substitutes during an employee’s state-paid leave. For further information about the benefits of this program:

The following is a long, but complete memo posted on the Southern New England Conference of the UCC website, with examples: PFML Memo on website.

Now that the opt-in process has been provided, the memo will be updated.