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Paper or Plastic?

Many church leaders have asked about obtaining credit or debit cards for church staff use, as a matter of convenience, and in some cases, necessity for certain products or subscriptions. In recent years, banks have been reluctant to issue credit cards to non-profit organizations, since they do not have an “owner” whose credit can back… Read More »Paper or Plastic?

Tracking Funds

Those special funds can make congregational bookkeeping quite complicated! I’ve seen congregations lose track of whether they’ve sent in a special offering they’ve collected. Some are unclear about the best way to record fundraising expenses — bookkeeping rules say that they should be listed as expenses, but the congregation only wants to see the net… Read More »Tracking Funds

Vendor Records in QuickBooks

QuickBooks is all about efficiency — entering information once, so that it tracks into multiple transactions. There are two places that vendor information is entered: first, for the vendor itself, and second, in each transaction.

Do you type in your account number on each bill you enter?  This will save you time and effort:Read More »Vendor Records in QuickBooks

Triple-entry Bookkeeping

The financial management of a congregation is simultaneously simple and complex. The day-to-day activity is usually straightforward — however there are always exceptions. Restricted funds, “pass-throughs”, pre-paid pledges, special missions offerings add complexity to the bookkeeping and reporting. Over the past twenty years, we have worked to develop a bookkeeping and reporting system that is… Read More »Triple-entry Bookkeeping

Entering Dates in QuickBooks

QuickBooks is all about efficiency — entering each transaction as quickly and easily as possible. My favorite shortcut is the entry of dates.  You can enter the date as 1/23/2015, or without the slashes as 0123, since QB will assume the current year.  (Be sure to include the leading zero.)  However, there’s an even faster way.… Read More »Entering Dates in QuickBooks

Micro and Macro

I’ve been thinking about micro and macro lately.  In soccer, we teach “micro-soccer” — individual ball handling skills and small games of keepaway that are designed to focus the child’s attention on their own handling of the soccer ball.  We also teach “macro-soccer” — the big picture — passing, teamwork, strategy, and rules to keep… Read More »Micro and Macro

Prophet-able Stewardship

Prophet-able Stewardship In the Bible, prophets often get a bad rap— they’re the ones with the doom and gloom messages of decline and demise.  Yet they are the people we remember — the visionary voices who are able to cut through the confusion and speak the truth.  The prophets are the ones who are able… Read More »Prophet-able Stewardship