We offer two types of payroll services:

Full Service Payroll

You … submit payroll hours to us.

We … prepare paychecks, submit direct deposit, and prepare monthly, quarterly, and annual reports.


Payroll Oversight Service

You … provide access to a copy of your QuickBooks file.

We … prepare monthly, quarterly, and annual reports:


1099s for Independent Contractors

You … fax or email each W-9 at the time of hire, or when annual payment is $600 or more, and send QuickBooks file or year-end 1099 report to us

We … will prepare required MA and IRS reports:

  • File required New Hire reporting via MassTaxConnect
  • Prepare annual 1099 and 1096 forms, and file online to IRS and MA DOR


Pricing information is included at the bottom of each page: Full, Oversight

Further comparison of CFLLC Payroll with other payroll services is available here.

Once you’ve decided to enroll, here is the Payroll Service Enrollment checklist

A note regarding secular payroll services:

Religious entities are not subject to some employment law requirements, and clergy tax requirements are not the same as secular employee tax rules.  For example, in Massachusetts, churches and religious congregations are not allowed to participate in the unemployment insurance system (and are therefore exempt from three state unemployment taxes), and all non-profits are exempt from filing form 940 and paying federal unemployment taxes.  Clergy are exempt from withholding, but may choose voluntary withholding.  In no case should clergy have FICA or MC withheld from ministerial pay, in compliance with IRS Publication 517.  An employer-paid SECA Allowance is paid to the minister, not to the IRS, and a properly set up Housing Allowance is not subject to federal income tax or to state income tax in many, but not all states.  Some churches have filed IRS Form 8274 and are exempt from FICA and MC taxes because they are opposed for religious reasons to the payment of FICA taxes.  It is crucial that your payroll service understands the difference between a congregation and a secular employer.