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Paper or Plastic?

Many church leaders have asked about obtaining credit or debit cards for church staff use, as a matter of convenience, and in some cases, necessity for certain products or subscriptions. In recent years, banks have been reluctant to issue credit cards to non-profit organizations, since they do not have an “owner” whose credit can back up the cards. Some churches have found that their credit cards were opened under the personal credit of a former Treasurer, which then requires closing the cards and reapplying every time the Treasurer changes. Other congregations have found that the big banks won’t issue cards to them because they don’t have adequate “income.”

We have found a vendor that solves this dilemma, by issuing fundable pre-paid debit cards. I’ve said a number of times that if I were going to design the perfect product for a congregation, this is how I’d do it. Congregations often have a need for credit or debit cards, for online purchases, or postage, or to eliminate the need for members to pay for purchases and then wait to be reimbursed. PEX Cards are prepaid Visa debit cards, set up on one account that is controlled by the Treasurer or Bookkeeper through the website. An unlimited number of cards can be issued. You set up permissions so that the Treasurer can move money from the church bank account to the PEX account, and then either the Treasurer or bookkeeper or office manager can fund the individual cards as needed — even instantaneously if necessary!

You can obtain cards for staff members, or for lay leaders. For the flower committee, or Sunday School teachers, or the dedicated person who keeps the coffee and tea cupboard stocked. Then, by funding each card with a minimal amount, you provide a way to keep track of spending. The activity can be monitored online and downloaded directly into QuickBooks.

Interested? Here’s how to try it out for free:

  1. You apply for a PEX card account, supplying information about your organization and the primary applicant. There is NO credit check involved — and a turnaround time of 1-2 days
  2. You order cards for each employee or volunteer — it takes a week or so for the cards to arrive via US mail
  3. You fund your PEX account electronically by linking your congregation’s checking account.
  4. Then you move funds onto the individual cards in whatever amount(s) you wish.
  5. You can also move funds off of the cards, or back to your bank account as needed.
  6. If you sign up through the link here, the monthly fees will be waived by Pexcard.
  7. The usual pricing for non-profits is a flat fee of $20 per month for up to 30 cards. Regular business pricing is $7.50 per card per month.

I think you’ll find that it’s well worth it! Please spread the word! We’ve also developed a training video (QB Topics 3:6) that provides an orientation to the site, as well as the mechanics of downloading the activity into QuickBooks.

Sign up for PEX through our website here!