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  • On-site and remote bookkeeping services
  • Bank Reconciliations, Financial Reporting
  • Accounting questions & support for Treasurers
  • Webinars / Workshops
  • Sermons
QuickBooks Set-up
  • Detailed instructions for setting up QB for a congregation, including:
    • Various efficiency shortcuts
    • Tracking restricted funds
    • Customized Reports
  • Offered via training videos, phone/internet consultation, and / or on-site
  • Review of long-term financial sustainability
  • Annual Stewardship Review

  • On-site training with leadership and / or staff
  • Training via telephone and remote computer access
  • Video Training

USUAL DISCLAIMER: This website seeks to provide current and accurate information about the topics presented. However, it is offered with the understanding that if you need accounting advice, you should contact an accountant who can review your situation personally and offer her or his professional advice.