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Prophet-able Stewardship

Prophet-able Stewardship

ProphetIn the Bible, prophets often get a bad rap— they’re the ones with the doom and gloom messages of decline and demise.  Yet they are the people we remember — the visionary voices who are able to cut through the confusion and speak the truth.  The prophets are the ones who are able to call people back to their true purpose in life.  A prophet is one who is able to interpret the past, understand the present, and foresee the future.   

A good financial system is like a prophet, providing a congregation with the financial information it needs about its past, present, and future, so that its stewardship can be informed and faithful.

So, with no apologies whatsoever for the pun, it is my goal to make stewardship prophet-able — to help congregational leaders develop bookkeeping and budgeting systems so that clear and concise financial reports can cut through the confusion and offer a straightforward and understandable assessment of the true financial health of a congregation. Unlike Hosea’s defective bow, which sends the congregation’s energy astray, good financial recordkeeping can help a congregation to reach their targeted mission and ministry.

As faithful stewards of their congregation’s resources, when leaders can work together to present simple, straightforward financial reports, it is hopefully, a profitable endeavor.