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How to Purchase a QuickBooks Plus Pro Subscription

If you wish to process payroll within QuickBooks, and you are using QuickBooks 2021, you must subscribe before May 31, 2024.

This is the second of three posts: 1) Verify your Intuit account username and password by successfully logging into; 2) Call Intuit sales to purchase a subscription; and 3) Download and install QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2024. You should plan about 45 minutes for each step. The cost will be $649; you may also have to pay sales tax, which will then be refunded to you within 60 days. If you require more than one person to be able to use QB simultaneously on networked computers, the additional cost is $200 per user. Unfortunately, there is no non-profit discount, contrary to what an Intuit supervisor insisted (verbally, but not in writing) would be the case when Intuit ended the arrangement with TechSoup to sell the Desktop product to non-profit organizations at a significantly discounted price.

You will need to have four things: 1) your Intuit username and password; 2) a method of payment — an organization debit or credit card, or its checking account and routing numbers; 3) access to the Primary Contact’s email; and 4) a scanned copy of the organization’s sales tax exemption on your computer — for Massachusetts, this is both an ST-2 and ST-5.

Login to your Intuit account at (Customer Account Management Portal). Then call Intuit Sales (9am-9pm ET, M-F) at 1-800-264-1981. At the voice prompt, say “Buy QuickBooks Desktop”. When asked if you want QB Enterprise (which costs $1,922), say “no”. When asked if you are an accountant, say “no.” This should send you to the first Intuit rep. Tell them that you have used QB Desktop for years and would like to purchase QuickBooks Plus Pro Subscription. The first time they try to tell you about QB online, ask them not to mention the online version again. That will shorten your call considerably, and should send you to the second Intuit sales rep.

Tell the second person that you would like to purchase QuickBooks Pro Plus subscription for one user (unless you need two or three simultaneous users), and that you are exempt from sales tax. The price should be $649. If it is not, then the rep doesn’t have the correct product. The sales rep will verify your organization name, email address, and other information, and will take your payment information over the phone. Be sure to set this up with either an organization credit/debit card or the organization’s bank account, since the payment information will remain on file and be charged annually.

If the transaction adds sales tax, you will have to re-establish your sales tax exemption. The Intuit rep should transfer you to a third person. You will be asked to provide your Intuit account number (located on your site after you have logged in), your name, and the name, email, and the phone number of the Primary Contact. They will send you two emails. The first contains a link to upload the organization’s sales tax exemption certificate and the second includes a case number and a PIN. The rep will stay on the phone with you while you upload your sales tax exemption certificate, and then will ask a few questions. Why are you exempt from sales tax? (Because you are a church, or a 501(c)3 organization). What product are you currently using? (Desktop Plus Pro Subscription). What is your account number from What phone number should Intuit call if they have further questions? What is the billing address of the organization? Then Intuit will update your account and initiate the refund of sales tax you just paid.

On your account, you should now see your new subscription listed under Products and Services as “QuickBooks Plus Annual Subscription Pro”. Next, the installation process.

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